Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday at the Straits

It was a weird day at the Straits! Rain in the morning and then beautiful in the afternoon. Steve Marino and I were playing against Danny Balin and Ben Curtis in a little match. Steve and I just went birdie-birdie to go one up on the match when the skies opened up and the down pour started!!  It rained so hard that I felt like I was in the African rain forest!

After a few hours of eating I went to practice and got a great session in. I was hitting balls next to Tiger and Geoff Olgivy. I am ready to tackle the Straits! 7:20 am central time. Thanks for all of your well wishes throughout the week. All of your support is so huge! Thanks so much.

Think birdies! Until tomorrow..........fairways and greens!!



  1. WOO HOO Rob.....2 under on Thursday! Pretty exciting to see your name on TV!

  2. Hit em true and strong Rob All the Best!!