Friday, January 28, 2011

PGA Show

Many new things this year at the PGA Show in Orlando Florida. As far as clothing, manufacturers are allowing customers to 'design their own' styles. You can pick the type of fit and colors that look best on you to help identify your own style. This works the same way for shoes. For example, Foot-Joy has a brand called the icon which you can build your own shoe and color. Very cool.

Titleist launched its new 910 woods and hybrids which are adjustable in 16 different settings to maximize your ball flight. Again, very cool. They also launched their new Pro V1 golf ball which is a little more durable and will spin a bit more with the new 'v' grooves to maximize ball control.

Guru is a software company that launched the first 3D camera that allows the instructor to get a 3D image of a student with no wires connected to the student. What's next a hologram?

So many cool things to see that are truly technologically advanced to make your golf game better. I can't wait until 2012. Talk soon.


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