Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Met PGA Winter Educational Series

Welcome to all of the Met PGA Professionals and guests to Fenway Golf Club today for our winter educational series. I would like to thank Carl Alexander for starting these series and our President Heath Wassem for hosing us today at Fenway.

We have some really knowledgeable professionals presenting today including Michael Jacobs who will be speaking about his new Force Plate System and 3D video capture to enhance his teaching program. I am really excited to share my knowledge on websites and how to brand yourself as a PGA Professional using this tool. Kirk Oguri will be talking about the power of twitter, facebook and social media to brand yourself as a PGA Professional and create a ton of communication. Carl Alexander and Jeff Voorhees will be discussing how technology can be used to enhance your tournament presentations an how that technology can then be tied into your club communications. Last but not least Billy Condon of Golf Trip Genius will demonstrate this cool tool and how it will enhance you golf programs.

I hope that all of the participants are ready to learn some new ideas and share some ideas of their own as well. I am one who learns new things about this stuff every day and totally enjoy every minute of it to make myself the best PGA Golf Professional that I can be.

I look forward to seeing all of you at 10:00am at Fenway. Lets make this seminar fun and interactive! See you in a few hours!

After the seminar, you can check out some of the photos at www.met.pga.com.



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